GTE Protest

Los Angeles Times, October 19, 1994

(on the right)

Barbara in Clayoquot Sound with

Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Friends of Clayoquot is a very worthy organization and I urge people to learn more about how a stretch of rainforest on the west coast of Canada has so much significance worldwide."

Read more on Clayoquot Sound ….

Barbara performs for 30,000 people in Watsonville, California at a march of strawberry pickers, protesting their poor wages and conditions and exposure to dangerous pesticides.

Tipper Gore, Tom Hayden, Barbara and Edward Olmos at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

With Dalai Lama in Los Angeles


Being the daughter of a logger and growing up in the wilds of BC’s temperate rainforest, Barbara has seen first hand the devastation caused by clear-cutting. She has been arrested protesting these practices and brought pressure to the publications that import pulp made from ancient trees to find sustainable alternatives.

There are many great environmental organizations she supports but these are the two she has been involved with on the ground:

Friends of Clayquot Sound        http://www.focs.ca

Rain Forest Action Network    http://www.ran.org

Her favorite group in Haiti is “Partners In Health” run by Paul Farmer.  http://www.pih.org

Amazon Watch http://amazonwatch.org/

Codepink  http://www.codepink4peace.org/

Women’s Media Center  http://www.womensmediacenter.com/

MADRE http://www.madre.org/

Tom Hayden http://tomhayden.com/


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